Complimentary Amenities

Relaxation Rooms

Before or after your Wellness Treatment, relax in our calm sanctuary surrounded by soothing sounds and healing aromas where you can peacefully enjoy fresh water and herbal tea. Indoor and outdoor relaxation rooms available overlooking the beautiful views of Lake Havasu.

Steam Room

Invoke the therapeutic use of high heat as an analgesic to relax muscles and promote sweat & detoxification. Excellent for relaxation, weight loss and cleansing.

Locker Room

You can rejuvenate with a hot shower in our full amentiy locker rooms, complete with free towel service, hair dryers, creamy soaps, lotions, and conditioners. Excellent for relaxation, weight loss and cleansing.

Parraffin Wax Hand Dip

Paraffin wax is a petroleum-based wax that stores heat exceptionally well and has great hydrating effects on skin. The wax melts at a temperature of around 116°-147°F, and is applied to hands either by way of a dip in a paraffin bath or through individual bags with single-size doses of wax. The heated wax forms a coating over the surface of the skin that increases blood flow to the skin and opens up pores to allow hydrating emollients to penetrate the dermis while also stimulating detoxification.


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We created Innovative Health and Wellness Center for our guests. It is a place to unwind and escape from the fast-paced and demanding rigors of your day. It is the perfect getaway that is close to home.

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