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Our wellness program aims to increase knowledge and education while providing support and encouragement. Every person is different therefore after implementing a 6-week program with specific outlines we will try and find out what works for you to make it a lifestyle change.

Program Outline:

Week #1: 1 Practice day followed by a 6 day cleanse using the Lichi Superfruit Method. During the cleanse you are encouraged to eat mostly fruits and vegetables with some protein as well (chicken or fish is best). You should consume 6-8 bottles of water per day. The group will meet 3 times during this week and talk about superfoods and natural eating. Mild or no exercise is recommended.

Week #2-#4: Continue with similar guidelines including fruits, vegetables and foods high in protein. You are encouraged to continue with 6-8 bottles of water per day. During this next 3-week period we are trying to avoid high carbohydrates, sugars, gluten and carbonated beverages. The group will continue to meet 2 times per week. During this week we will have guest speakers to include: a nutritionist, physical therapy, personal trainer, chiropractor and massage therapist. You are encourage to start mild to moderate exercise this week.

Week #5-#6: We will start to implement individual plans based on what you have discovered and what works for you long-term. The group will meet less these 2 weeks and we will branch off into smaller groups to discuss individual needs and lifestyle changes that are actually possible in everyday life.

Before the program:

You will be given a starter packet to include: Superfoods book, Lichi superfruit dietary supplement, 6-day cleanse and probiotics. This product is all-natural and is not mandatory. The packet will also include some recipes.

You are encouraged to come into Innovative Health Care for a Health & Wellness Check Up (this is not mandatory but highly recommended). The check up includes lab work, which is covered by most insurances: Kidney and Liver Function, Glucose Testing, Iron, Folic Acid, Vit. B12, Calcium, Vit D and Gluten. If you have recently had labs bring them in so we don’t double up. Please call 928-854-7666 to schedule appointment at least one week before starting program.

Throughout the 6 week program:

  • 6-8 bottles of water per day is recommended.

  • Avoid carbonated beverages.

  • Cut down on gluten foods and processed foods (we will discuss this in detail).

  • Reduce intake of high sugar, carbohydrates and dairy.

  • You will have supplements everyday for 4 weeks: 1 pill 30 min before each meal. 1 pill per day of probiotics. The supplements are designed to increased metabolism and increase digestion. They are all natural and made of Lychee, you are encouraged to do your own research and check this website: http://www.lichisuperfruit.com/. Supplements are not mandatory and the program can be completed without it if you chose. Warning: Lychee contains natural Niacin, this may be contraindicated if you have cardiac disease.

  • Program also includes guest speakers to help you enhance your knowledge about exercise, diet, lifestyle change and proper body mechanics.

  • All information is kept confidential.

  • It is your choice to participate in meetings; we recommend 2 per week to aid with support and feedback.

  • Alcohol is allowed during the program in moderation.

OUR GOAL??????

-Help you to implement lifestyle change through support and encouragement.

-I am finding that my patients are getting significant joint pain relief with weight loss.

-Many surgeons are now recommending weight loss prior to surgery for better results.

-I have had many patients come into my office telling me they lack support (hence 3 meetings per week) and the knowledge to choose the right foods.

-The meetings are designed to offer new choices, recipes etc. People sharing their success with each other can help to expand knowledge and increase confidence.

What are superfoods?

Superfoods is a catch all term for foods that provide high nutrient value, probiotic mechanism, high antioxidants, increased amount of vitamin and minerals and are all natural. Superfoods are said to increase your quality of life, help digestion and reduce weight because they are natural. Sample of superfoods are:

Blueberries, Spinach, Wild Salmon, Eggs, Dark chocolate, Asparagus, Avocado, Cherries, Kiwi, Olive Oil, Basil, Quinoa, Chicken, Yogurt, Coffee

There are hundreds of “Superfoods”, I just named my favorites. Together we will learn what they are, how to cook them, share recipes. We will also figure out what gluten does to us and who should avoid this product. Cutting out dairy, gluten and carbs for 4 weeks then slowly introducing them back will give each individual person an idea of what their body needs.

Please feel free to call the office with any questions: (928) 854-7666

Programs start every 4 weeks at the beginning of the month, space is limited.

Top Ten Tips for an Effective 6 Weeks

1. Plan ahead, as much as possible. Bring food with you if you know the options will not be good.

2. Read the book…..it helps.

3. Try and eat most of your proteins for breakfast or lunch that gives you the day to burn them off…..

4. Try and limit alcohol consumption to 1-2 per day.

5. It’s OK to take the day off, especially on a Sunday!!

6. It’s not always a great idea to weigh yourself everyday, your body changes throughout the month.

7. Create a buddy system, call your friend for advice or cooking tips.

8. Write down recipes and bring them to share with us!!!

9. Try to include your significant other, even if they don’t know it.. It’s easier to cook one meal then two different ones!!

10. Stay positive and if you’re struggling, share it. If you’re doing amazing and have discovered new advice share it!!! I promise someone else feels the same way!!!

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